Have you noticed how commuters tend to queue up at the LRT but not at the KTM Komuter? It seems as if those using KTM are un-schooled (tak sekolah). Every LRT station you go to, there are users standing in line patiently awaiting the arrival of their transport; but the moment you go slightly low tech, public transport users conduct goes down the drain.

Same goes for the bus services. Look at how commuters stand in line as RapidKL busses stop to unload passengers (passengers get in from the front and off at the back); and then look at how Metrobus users rush and jostle their way in.

Its hardly a surprise to find that pregnant woman, senior citizen or handicapped person standing in the aisle; simply because we, the younger generation, hardly give up our seats for them. Worse still, when the said able-bodied person is sitting in the seats allotted to pregnant woman, senior citizen and handicapped persons. Shame on you! Another thing that you see, especially when riding on the KTM Komuter; a person taking up more seat space due to having a big butt (?) or using the seat next to them as a luggage rack.

Why did you attend Moral classes in school? To get high scores in school? NOT! Its to teach you to behave in the proper manner and act chivalrously in public.

This is Malaysia and we all know the unified shout …hanya di Malaysia Boleh!