Morib beach Initial plan was a choice of 3 spots: Morib, Putrajaya or Ulu Yam. After getting the hoo-ha out of the way, we finally got under way after lunch. Took the E11 Lebuhraya Damansara – Puchong from Subang Jaya. Then onto the B15 all the way past Dengkil until the intersection where it joins into the B18 and used that all the way to Banting. Take the Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad (5) until the traffic lights then turn left at Jalan Sultan Alam Shah (smack bang in the middle of Banting town) is the intersection for Morib.

Indian troops monument, Morib

At a corner, there is a monument erected in remembrance of Indian troops fighting under the British flag who landed at the shore after the Japanese had surrendered. The inscription on the monument reads: The 46th Indian Beach Group landed here on 9 Sept 1945 and handled across the beaches 42,651 personnel, 3,968 vehicles and 11,224 tons of stores. It is also engraved with the names of the group’s members from several Indian army and supply units.

The Jungle is Neutral: A Soldier’s Two-Year Escape from the Japanese Army
by F. Spencer Chapman

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