Dive Rite TranspacRetail Price : RM 1950

Features :

  1. Tank adjustment strap helps you mount the TransPac harness on single cylinders at the same height each time.
  2. Padded shoulder straps, available in several different lengths, provide comfortable fit.
  3. Shoulder strap attachment point enables you to add or remove D-rings from shoulder strap.
  4. Three 1.0-inch D-rings along each side of harness provide attachment points for light canisters, pony bottles and other equipment.
  5. Self-closing “epaulet” on the left-hand shoulder strap helps you keep inflation hoses under control.
  6. Grommetted mounting holes for doubles enable positioning of cylinders at any of three different heights.
  7. Shoulder strap quick releases feature unique, “fail-safe” design.
  8. Two-inch D-rings on each shoulder are adjustable for height and bent at a slight angle for better access. You may also add or remove D-rings from the shoulder-strap webbing.
  9. Shoulder straps are easily adjustable for length.
  10. Mounting slots for 2.0-inch tank straps (included with harness) enable use with single cylinders.
  11. Two-inch D-rings on each side of waist strap are adjustable. Waist strap design enables easy mounting of pockets and other accessories. TransPacs also come with a stainless-steel, quick-release buckle.
  12. Padded cummerbund helps transfer cylinder weight to hips for better fit and comfort.
  13. Shoulder strap stabilizing plates, made from stainless steel, allow you to move the base of shoulder strap back and forth and fine tune the shoulder strap length for best fit and performance.
  14. Lumbar support backpad and padded waist band transfer weight to hips.
  15. Attachment point for optional crotch strap.

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